Corporate Video Production in Singapore

Tasteful videography with a touch of infographics animation where necessary are main components of a corporate video. The little visual elements that make up the infographics animation contribute greatly to the feel of any video – making the corporate video format very effective and versatile in relaying the simplest to the most complex messages. That’s where we come in.

2 BY 4 POST is well versed in and not limited to the corporate video format. Also, we always make sure to inject freshness and new approaches in every video that we produce. We make corporate videos that build your brand identity and boost brand awareness by highlighting the key features of your company culture with a touch of freshness to engage and captivate your audience. But don’t worry, our corporate videos are not over-the-top or unnecessarily bombastic or light-hearted in any way. We understand the importance of professionalism and incorporate that into our corporate videos to build a reputable name for your company.

2 BY 4 POST has devised numerous corporate videos for our various clients. Just to name a few, some of our clients include MOE and Singapore Red Cross. If you’re curious about our other corporate clients, click here to view our portfolio and watch our corporate videos.

We craft visually engaging corporate videos that are sure to entertain with the clear message in mind. If you’ve got an idea for a corporate video and need a production agency in Singapore to execute your plans, we can most definitely help you out. We are eager and excited to serve and create the most informative and freshest corporate videos to showcase the mission, vision and dynamics of your company. We are excited to transform your stories into visual art.

Contact us here or drop us an email at [email protected] to enquire about our services and we will be in touch shortly!